Current and Past Projects

Here are a few samples of projects I’ve either started or contributed work to. There are many, but these are a few notable ones.

  • Fooda Tweaks (development)
    Google Chrome extension that modifies for usability.
  • DiningIn Tweaks (retired 2016)
    Google Chrome extension that modifies for usability. Extension used a node.js api on Digital Ocean for storing votes.
  • Tab Delivery (development)
    Google Chrome extension to send a Chrome tab from Chrome on one computer to Chrome on another computer.
  • (defunct 2016)
    A single page app based on Backbone.js & Marionette.js. Built with a Laravel API backend.
  • (production)
    A crowd-sourced listing of random ideas of things you ‘could do’. Target audience of middle school / high school.
  • Piston Republic (development)
    A platform for gear-heads and their rides.
  • MayorNeeded! (retired 2014)
    A geo aware utility to search for nearby foursquare locations that didn’t receive many checkins. Retired in 2014 when foursquare made API changes and moved away from checkin business model.
    Built with vanilla JavaScript, PHP, and the FourSquare API
  • HushMenu (retired 2014)
    An app listing ‘hidden’ items that don’t make it on the menu.